Principles in Yandere Simulator EngineEdit

Yandere simulator, use the Unity3D engine and their other third parties programs (Like GECKO and MONOposcript's) That'is, likely, modification programs for Unity3D work as well in Yandere Simulator .

Yandere Simulator ModificationEdit

A Modification is an alteration to a game. Yandere simulator modifications can be created some programs by anyone in every game's release, and are not supported or endorsed by yanderedev.

All modifications are to be entirely free, and may be downloaded and used by anybody. However, there are restrictions on editing and distributing the modification, so always ask permission from the author.

Modifications are mainly only used on PC versions of Unity3D Games. There are methods of modifying other OS versions, like Android. but these are complex and can't yet be done.

Different Types of ModificationsEdit

There are actually only some of files that can be modded

File Archive (everything inside Assets files) :

TEX - General textures

OGG\WAV - General Sound Files

ANI - General Animations

Game Index (everything outside Assets files) :

ASSETS - Game files that are Archived

BMP\PNG - General textures

JSON - Outside Script for game Engine (Like Students.json)

Creating ModsEdit

Several programs are out there to help you creating mods, but here is a simple and fast tutorial in how "Expand" and "Complie" game data.

Necesary programs for each file :

TEX - Have to be converted to "DDS" file (Just rename ".tex" to ".dds")

Can be modded or viewed with DDS plugin for Adobe Photoshop OR GIMP

OGG\WAV - Can be used and substitued by any other sound files, they are not complied.

Can be heard with any player that accept that formats.

ANI - Hard Deal, ONLY can be opened in Unity3D engine and with ORIGINAL model.

Can be modded or viewed with Unity 3D Program itself. other programs may corrupt file.

ASSETS - Files inside only can be extrated and imported with Unity Assets Explorer.

Can be modded or viewed and heard with Unity Assets Explorer itself. other programs may corrupt file.

BMP\PNG - General Image file, any image editor can do anything with it.

Can be modded or viewed with any image editor programs.

JSON - Simple file that can be modded and usually used outside games.

Can be modded or viewed with Text and Script editors, like wordpad.

Copyrights and File HijackingEdit

Beware! Yandere Simulator is actually already complied as a "game", with that means, you "can't do anything" without some sort of "Source" and "Copyright", and the only one who have it is DEV's. (AKA.: yanderedev)

It's all modder responsability edit game files and etc.